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our 2016-2017 season

ASSISTANCE by Leslye Headland: For these young assistants, life is an endless series of humiliations at the hands of their hellacious boss, a powerful uber-magnate. In rare moments of calm when the phone calls stop rolling, Nick and Nora and their traumatized co-workers question whether all their work will lead to success—or just more work. Leslye Headland’s ASSISTANCE is a biting, high-octane satire about our attraction to power and what we’re willing to sacrifice to stay in its orbit.

Carnivora by Matthew B Zrebski: Theatre Vertigo has commissioned Matthew B Zrebski to create a play for our 2016-2017 season, and that play is Carnivora. Carnivora is a horror-themed play that will be season-appropriate for its premiere in January. Chills of all kinds are to be expected. The play will be developed over the coming months, through a process of collaborative workshops. While the process is still in its early stages, we are very excited for what is coming.

A Maze by Rob Handel: There are two kinds of mazes: the kind where you try to get through and out the other side, and the kind where you try to get to the center. A teenage girl recreates her identity after eight years held captive in a suburban basement; a band remakes itself post-rehab and post-hit-song; a self-taught artist gains a cult following for his 15,000- page comic book. Workshopped at JAW at PCS in 2010, we are proud to bring A Maze back to Portland for a full production.

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LOL A Modern Computer Farce

LOL A Modern Computer Farce
by Robert Frankel

A farcical comedy centered around one man's struggle to find peace within a sea of carnage. On the day of his biggest investment proposal yet, Dr. Donald Rice (a 40 something professor of computer science) is bombarded with misfortune of the most unlikely nature; multiple pregnancies, stomach sickening catering, car crashes, computer crashes and so much more. Mix ups and mayhem ensue as he attempts to close the deal that will save his university, his career, and potentially his family from complete destruction.

For more information, email William Balmer or check out their Indiegogo campaign.

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