After featuring Mass Murder in Season 20, We are excited to present:

Graphic by Lindsey Chamberlain Strong

Friday, September 7th 10:30pm at the Shoebox Theatre $10 General Admission  Buy Tickets

With a new cast and a new script, we will create a whole set of monologues from some of the most infamous killers. Miss Murder will focus on female serial killers including Augusta Gein (the inspiration for Norman Bates mother), Nannie Doss (Black Widow killer), Amelia Dyer (famously killed over 300 babies), as well as the reprisal of Aileen Wuornos and Genene Jones.

Directed by Gary Strong

Contributing Writers Hannah Marie Quigg+ Emilie Landmann Gary Strong Jennifer Markowitz Lisa Buscani

Cast Nannie Doss - Kaia Hillier Aileen Wuornos - Jacquelle Davis Amelia Dyer - Autumn Buck + Typhoid Mary - Clara-Liis Hillier Ed Gein - R. David Wyllie + Augusta Gein - Clara-Liis Hillier

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