Shooflies and Psilocybin

Tae Ho, a writer, spends an evening with Anita Pallenberg and Peter Orlovsky as they square off in a creative reckoning, underscored by the spirit of Laura Nyro.


Music: "Blackpatch," Christmas and the Beads of Sweat, Laura Nyro, Columbia Records, 1970



Production Team

Shooflies and Psilocybin
By Heath Hyun Houghton*
Featuring the music of Laura Nyro

Directed by Asae Dean

Choreography | Thien Kim Bui
Video Editor | Harper York
Sound Design | Alex Albrecht
Costume Design | Kaia Hillier*
Production Manager | London Bauman*

Special Thanks to Allison Anderson and Rio Rios

* Theatre Vertigo Ensemble Member