Stupid Ghost

by Savannah Reich

Directed by Devon Roberts

Ghost – *Jacquelle Davis
Ronnie – *Kaia Maarja Hillier
John Pierre – *London Bauman
Poltergeist – *Tom Mounsey
Lecturer – *Adriana Gantzer

* Theatre Vertigo Ensemble Member


Production Team
Stage Manager – Evi Bissen
Sound Designer – *London Bauman
Lighting Design Team – *Devon Roberts, *Jacquelle Davis and *Tom Mounsey
Costume Designer – *Kaia Maarja Hillier
Choreographer – *Clara-Liis Hillier

The Ghost lived in the woods, Minding Her Own Business and definitely Not Haunting Anyone, until one day she saw a Pretty Girl and followed her home. It totally wasn’t even a thing. The Girl was probably not even going to notice.
A comedy about ruining the lives of the people you love.